Who we are

In 1922, Mr C.P. Oostenrijk started a scheduled service with a bus between Diemen, Weest, and het Gooi. Now, over 90 years later, Oostenrijk BV has grown into a company which is here to stay in the Dutch and European world of travel and passenger transport. Innovative, reliable, and flexible, while still maintaining the traditional norms and values. In short, a family company with a face!

Oostenrijk BV supplies customised transport. The vehicle fleet is especially extensive and meets all the requirements of the Quality Mark Coach Company. If you opt for a trip with one of our touring coaches you are also making a very environmentally conscious choice.

Our touring coaches are driven by skilled, qualified drivers who are very experienced on both national and international trajectories. Our organisation invests continuously in its drivers through trainings, courses for improving social skills, and driving performance analyses.

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Why Oostenrijk?

  • Recognised touring coach company
  • Skilled drivers
  • 24-hours service
  • Over 90 years of experience
  • Environmentally aware
  • Event & Congress Transport
  • Line & Shuttle Services
  • Passenger Transport
  • Extra services (hostess/catering etc.)
  • Exclusive & Comfortable
  • National & international
  • VIP Services


Get to know the Oostenrijk labels

  • Oostenrijk Touringcars B.V.
  • Oostenrijk Schoolreisjes
  • Oostenrijk Incoming Services
  • Oostenrijk Openbaar Vervoer

A family company with over 90 years of experience

In 1922, Mr C.P. Oostenrijk started a scheduled service between Diemen, Weesp, and het Gooi. After some time, the work activities were expanded and, in 1955, het brand DAF was replaced by the Swedish brand Volvo and the Car Dealership Oostenrijk sold Volvo company cars. Around 1960, the Swedish safety and temperament of Volvo was replaced by a combination of international brands. When it became C.P. Staal in 1986, the director at the time decided to stop with the FIAT dealership, and Automobiel Oostenrijk became a universal car dealership.

Nowadays, Oostenrijk Touringcars has grown from a universal car dealership into an all-in transport company and is part of the Oostenrijk Group.

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